Meet Holly and Daniel: Oakebella’s first residents

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Holly and Daniel (both 26 years old) were officially Oakebella’s very first residents, when they moved in late last year.

Holly and Daniel purchased a 375sqm homesite in Stage 1 of the new development and built a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home with Homebuyers Centre WA.

The couple are super excited to be living in a place of their own.


“We were both renting together previously and then once we started building, moved in with my fiancée’s parents to save some money, so it was so exciting the day we got the keys to our brand new home,” Holly said.

Holly said she and Daniel had looked at several similar developments, but ultimately chose Oakebella because of the size of the block.

“It is big enough for a proper garden”.

“When we lived in an apartment, I grew my vegetables in pots. Now that we have our first home in Oakebella, I can build a real vegetable patch,” she said.

Holly and Daniel said they chose to live in Oakebella for its proximity to the beach as well as practical features such as NBN connectivity and access to the Kwinana Freeway.

“When we were looking around, I jumped onto Google maps to see how far Oakebella was from the coast – and it is so close!

“It is only a 10 minute drive to beaches like Rockingham and Kwinana and we can’t wait until summer comes,” Daniel said.

“Likewise it is close to work and the Freeway, making for an easy commute which is important to us too,” Holly added.

 “We love it here, it is the place we call home and we are excited for what our future holds.”



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